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A Message from the Training Director

The future of skilled tradespersons in this province depends heavily on a few different factors. To begin, we simply do not have enough people interested in or trained on how to do the jobs effectively. Simply put immigration must increase but do so for those interested in these careers and we must try to guarantee that we retain those individuals in these industries. Furthermore, we must change the way we look at manual labour jobs. The jobs we are providing training on are called "skilled trades" for a reason - it takes time, effort and motivation to get good at these careers and you must work smart and safe to have a long lasting career.


Good pay, pensions and benefits are often regarded as some of the attractive factors to working in the trades, but what about leaving behind your legacy and trademark everywhere you go. In the construction trades we work ourselves out of jobs in order to leave behind our story in history. We build homes, infrastructure and components that go into those places but rarely stop to think about what we are leaving behind becomes a part of society and History. Build a career that allows to take pride in leaving your piece of history everywhere you go for others to enjoy for generations to come. 

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Residential Trim Class LiUNA 183 TRC

John Oliveira

Training Director




5260 Solar Drive Unit C110 (Unit #10)


John started his career in construction working in Residential Trim Carpentry. He later veered towards Cabinetry and Architectural Millwork where he obtained a Red Seal Certification in Cabinetry. John completed his academic education while pursuing his apprenticeship which is truly a unique career path; completing two degrees and an apprenticeship in approximately 6 years. Once a Certified tradesman and just 22 years old he opened AzAnArt Woodworking, which began as a Custom Millwork shop but later handled full Renovations as a General Contractor. John also has experience with New home builds which has provided John with a diverse set of skills within the Residential Construction Sector.

John held previous roles with LiUNA Local 183 Training Centre as an Outreach Coordinator and Facility and Purchasing Manager. While at LiUNA he promoted the skilled trades through their Training Centre as well as, helped to secure and maintain training partnerships.  As Purchasing and Facilities Manager, he handled the day to day site operations / purchases for courses and staff across 5 locations. During that time he coordinated campus upgrades and renovations, as well as, assisted in course set up for new programs and facilities to host the new programs. John left to pursue his passion again for being directly involved in building and renovation projects, as well as, being involved with the Toronto District School Board and LiUNA Local 183 Training Centre where he gained experience as an Occasional Teacher and Contract Skills Instructor.

His academic designations include: a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with a Minor in Human Resources Management, as well as, a Bachelor's of Education in Technological Studies. John is also an Ontario Certified Teacher for Technological Studies (Construction/Woodworking Technology).

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