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Construction MICRO Skills (Mississauga Campus) Please note that all Classes offered have been Reviewed by the Ontario Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities and Provided Exemptions. 

General Overview:

Residential Construction requires a number of skills to complete a project. Several different careers are available in this sector such as, Architects, Designers, Engineers, (planning) Machine Operator's, Low - Rise Formers, Concrete and Drain Installers, Waterproofing installers, General Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Spray Foam Installers, Trim Carpenters, Stair and Railing Installers, Floor Layers, Drywall Installers, Tapers, Tile Setters, Roofers, Soffit and Eavestrough Installers, Bricklayers, Exterior Cladding Installers, Exterior Carpenters, Landscapers and Handymen/Women. Each course will contain the necessary course content to help make you enhance your skills within your trade as we focus on developing the Micro skills that help set you apart from the average tradesperson. WHAT IS A MICRO SKILL? Micro Skills are specialty skills sets within a trade that may or may not be used by all of those performing the general work of that trade on a day to day basis. For example, you may be a trim carpenter installer on a crew of 3 people but all you do is install baseboard. Every time you ask the boss to learn the other workers don't want to teach you for fear of someone else knowing how to do their jobs or there simply isn't enough emphasis on training as they always want to "just get the job done". Or perhaps your employed as a tile setter at a company that mostly sets simple floor/wall tiles but does not perform intricate patterns / borders or mitres. We also offer a series of beginner type workshops that are aimed towards someone wanting to explore different trades. 


Candidate screening:

Applicants to our Micro Skills Classes are subject to a few screening questions as it is recommended that you have some experience in a trade to enroll in these short courses. Successful Candidates will be expected to show up on time (early) and treat the training as you would an employment opportunity. Classes will range in size from 4-8 persons. Candidates are expected to maintain a positive attitude through out the learning process and collaborate with other students. Often in construction to be considered for employment you must have a means of transportation to and from jobsites which relocate regularly. All of our courses, will follow an 80% practical hands on training platform and the remaining 20% will be Health and safety, trade math and course content/literature to supplement the hands on learning.  For our workshops there is no screening process but is on a first come, first reserved basis. Workshops are capped at 6 persons.


Cabinetry Micro Skills Courses Offered
(Please email: for additional information)

- Introduction to Shop Safety 101 (8hrs)

- Intro to Woodworking With Hand Tools (16hrs)

- Introduction to Veneering. Re-Sawing and lamination for furniture projects (16hrs)

- Introduction to sharpening wood tools Grind, Sharpen and Hone (8hrs)

Residential Trim Carpentry Micro Skills Classes Offered
(Please email: for additional information)

- Introduction to Trim carpentry - Install Pre-Hung Doors and Casing (16hrs)
- Intro to Applied Mouldings, Wainscoting and Crown (16hrs).
- Bisecting Angles and Advanced Math for Trim Carpentry (8hrs)



Learn to install residential trim including: Hanging loose and pre-hung doors, install loose casing and baseboards/shoe moulds, install crown mouldings, make window jamb extensions and sill installations, learn applied moldings/face frame wainscoting. Students will use a combination of hand tools and power tools to complete projects. 

Floor Adhesive for Tiling

Tile Setting Micro Skills Classes Offered 
(Please email: for additional information)

- Tile Setting Micro Skills Borders, Patterns and Mitres (16hrs) 

In this class we introduce you to the more intricate practices in tile installation. Students will install floor or wall tile within a simulated mock up cubicle. Simulations projects are based on tile available to the Centre for training modules. Some project examples include: Shower Niche, Shower floor, wall tile patterns, backsplashes and more... Students will use manual and electric tile cutters in combination with a grinder to complete tile installation. The emphasis of this class is advanced layout and installation for Borders, Patterns and Mitres.

Home Renovations Program Micro Skills Classes - Coming Soon!
(Please email: for additional information)

In these class you will be introduced to the basics within the home renovations industry. There will be a variety of courses including: The construction process, Project management basics, Understanding the basics of construction Phases, Controlled Demolition, Understanding waterproofing, Loose Carpentry and Installation of Millwork, Understanding Rough ins for Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC work, Drywalling and Taping, Trim carpentry, and Tile work/Flooring installation processes. 

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